Complete English Medium Schools in Andhra Pradesh

May 20, 2020 12:53 PM

There will be an ongoing debate for the next millennium whether English destroyed other regional Language. But the country in general is looking for English education for children. So far YSRCP plans to convert every Government school in English medium. The decision was already made for bringing in English from class one to sixth in every state-run school. The Government is involved in preparing the groundwork so that the introduction in pre-primary school happens smoothly.

As per the Samagra Siksha Abhiyan scheme, almost 3,400-odd government schools will be changed from regional medium to English medium. The format will be similar to the private English medium school i.e. LKG and UKG classes prior to class 1. The admissions will start from the age of three and five onwards.

The subjects will be the replica of pre-primary classes like basic reading, fundamental mathematics, and writing skills. The pre-primary teachers will be hired on a contract basis. It is indeed a transformation which would require time and resources. Therefore, the academic year had been postponed by a couple of months. Hence the year will start from August once the coronavirus is in control.

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