Cold-hearted Son Does Not Allow Mother to Enter House

Jun 01, 2020 12:16 PM

In an unfortunate situation, an old woman in her 80’s wasn’t allowed to enter the house. The incident took place in Karimnagar TS. She returned from Maharashtra which is currently the worse affected region in India. It was indeed cruel that her son and daughter-in-law locked the gate, and the poor women had to sit outside the house on the pavement.

The neighbors and locals outside had to intervene, also police was called and they forced the son to allow the women inside the house.

She was in Sholapur to attend a family function but stranded there for three months. However, after the relaxation of inter-city transport, the relative ensured a safe trip to her to hometown. However, as soon as she reached the city in the morning her daughter-in-law and son gave her a cold shoulder and did not allow her to enter the house.

There was no reason for such insensitivity because the woman was already tested negative for COVID-19 before reaching Karimnagar. She also gave an assurance that she would remain inside the room and quarantine herself. But the family members did not listen to her and she had to sit outside.

After a few hours, the neighbors gave her food and water. The news of her plight spread like a wildfire and Local corporator Edla Saritha along with police intervened. The explanation given by the son was that their daughter is pregnant and he has to take care of her. Hence he requested his mother to go to another son’s house.

The health officials gave an assurance that she will remain in her room and they will do all the necessary screening.

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