Cinema Theaters to Open Soon…Steps Discussed

May 11, 2020 05:13 AM

Covid-19 not only brought the world to a standstill, but it even shut the cinema halls across the globe. The shootings are also stopped and the planning of the Tollywood producers has gone for a toss. Now no one is in a situation to declare the exact release dates of their movies. The uncertainty is continuing and finally the theatre owners are making efforts to open the theatres with few restrictions.

As per the latest reports, about 100 film exhibitors have held a video conference among them to discuss the steps that need to be taken to open the cinema halls as soon as possible. According to the updates, the theatre owners have talked about proactive measures they need to put forth before the Government when it decides to open the theatres. These measures include changing the ticketing system, altering the seating, maintaining social distance, and sanitization.

It is learned that the exhibitors have decided to make the tickets available on mobile through QR code scanning apart from online ticketing. Thereby the present system of issuing manual tickets at the counters will be stopped. Simultaneously, the seating in the halls will also be altered as per the social distancing norms. Likewise, the theatre management ensures that the public is not crowded in the compounds, lobbies, toilets, and at the stalls. As against the present 10 to 15 minutes gap between the shows, there will be 45 minutes gap to sanitize every seat. Such sanitized seats in the movie hall will be marked with a colored ribbon just to give confidence to the viewer.

Finally, it is decided that a proper screening mechanism and equipment will be set up at all the theatres to allow the audience into the auditorium only after thorough scanning of Coronavirus. As all these steps will take time, the number of shows will be reduced to three instead of present four shows per day in single-screen theatres. And the theatre owners decided to experiment with the new system in a couple of theatres in Hyderabad before taking up with the Government.

Anyways, we have to wait and see how these steps gain the confidence of moviegoers to enjoy their favorite films on the big screen when the Government inevitably takes a decision on opening cinema halls sooner than later.

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