‘Can it Cure Corona?’… Director VV Vinayak Video Message to a Doctor

Jul 07, 2020 03:38 PM

The rapid spike in Corona cases is creating panic not only in the common public but also among the celebrities. Claiming to be the medicine for the deadly virus, few companies already started rolling out the tablets and injections. Even Ram Dev Baba also announced one such Ayurvedic medicine. But none of them are a complete cure for COVID 19.

Amid this scenario, Tollywood’s leading director VV Vinayak came up with a suggestion to the doctors. The director released a video explaining his experience during a Kenya visit. Vinayak said that he was advised to take a yellow fever injection to enter the African nation. Mostly, the yellow fever vaccine will be recommended for entry into certain countries in Africa and South America. The ‘Aadi’ director now remembered that the symptoms of yellow fever explained by that doctor are exactly matching Corona’s.

‘I recently watched a video of an anonymous doctor giving preventive measures against COVID 19. I was very much impressed with the precautions he suggested in it. Then immediately my Kenyan visit flashed in my mind. Hence, I made this small video to reach the doctor to verify and tell whether yellow fever injection could be of some help in the crisis.’ said the director.

Vinayak opined that naive suggestions might unexpectedly end up as solutions to bigger problems sometimes. ‘I don’t have the details of the doctor who prescribed those preventive measures recently. I am hopeful that my message reaches him so that he could come up with a better solution in tackling the pandemic.’ expressed the optimistic ‘Tagore’ director.

At the same time, he made an appeal to the public not to try self-medication by stating that the said drug is only available with the Government. Like a small key opens a big door, who knows Vinayak’s tiny tip might make a major breakthrough in expediting an efficient vaccine for Coronavirus.

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