Call Center in Telangana State for COVID Counseling

Jul 11, 2020 02:20 PM

The ruling party in Telangana State is under serious criticism because of the mismanagement of Covind-19 cases and a spike in the number of infection in the state. The sudden disappearance of Chief Minister made things worse and damaged the party’s image. The party is on its way to redeem itself. Hence, a call center is set-up by the Government of TS to give counseling to patients suffering from Covid-19 and this would include both pre-symptomatic, and symptomatic.

Apart from instruction and counseling, there is a regular follow-up done on a day to day basis. The follow-up will continue for approx 17-days. There is also telemedicine consultation for a patient showing moderate symptom. Patients confined at home and getting treatment will also receive telemedicine consultation.

The call-centre can handle 10,000 calls a day. It can take 24/7 inbound calls which is part of the distress management. There is a 108 linkup with emergency management and in serious cases; they can facilitate shifting the patients to a hospital.

The inbound call-centre is a 20-seater and the capacity to handle 1500 calls a day. The telemedicine call center can handle 1000 calls a day and it educates almost 10,000 Covid-19 patients who are under self-quarantine. They are informed about diet and various advice and suggestions to stay healthy.

The operational activities will increase in the coming days and 104 call centers are undergoing up-gradation with extra 75 seats.

The call center set-up will see 75 doctors, 200 tele-callers, and quality team to monitor the calls.

Telangana State is worse effected with Covid-19 cases and almost 12,423 patients are getting treated in the hospital or quarantined at home.

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