Bring Back People of Telangana Stuck in Gulf

May 11, 2020 01:46 PM

The Vande Bharat Mission is helping several Telugu people stuck in the USA and Europe to return to India. There is often a misunderstanding that the Arabian Gulf is the abode of Malayalees alone. In fact, there are several Telugus from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who work in the Arab world and they belong to both skilled and unskilled categories. Many of the laborers are stranded in the oil-rich GCC countries and they require help from the state and the central government. According to the All India Congress spokesperson Sravan Dasoju, the condition of the laborers is bad. He has written an open letter the Chief Minister of Telangana and beseeched him to bring back the Non-Residential Telugus working in Gulf Countries.

Almost 12, 00,000 people from the state are working in Gulf countries. So far they’ve been an asset to the State during normal times. The State receives huge remittance of Rs 1500 crores from them when the economy is good. The Pandemic and decrease in oil prices had seriously impacted the economy. Several laborers will lose their jobs.

Many unskilled laborers livelihood is at stake and the inhospitable condition adds to their woes. It is not easy surviving in the heat. Also, the virus would take its toll on the workers. In the Arab world, every expatriate requires a Kafeel(sponsor). It depends on the benevolence of the Kafeel because he keeps the Passport. This certainly is problematic because it depends on the whims and fancy of the Kafeel, and he might harass the workers.

There should be proper communication with the Central Government and the Indian embassy should provide details of the ground reality. Sravan Dasoju also suggested that free return ticket, as well as proper Rehabilitation and Resettlement, should be initiated.

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