Boost Your ImmuniTEA This Monsoon

Jun 22, 2020 10:22 AM

The fun of the summers was only limited to childhood when it meant holidays and relaxing at home. As we grew up, most of us simply started to like monsoons more. Monsoon is a favorite of most of the people, for obvious reasons, the relief from the soaring temperatures and the fragrance of the wet soil after the rains. Monsoons have definitely provided much-needed relief. As the lockdown continues, it is a good opportunity for all to step in their kitchens and try their hand in cooking skills.

Monsoons always remain incomplete without a cup of simmering tea. Tea completes the very existence of monsoon in our lives. The very first sip and the feeling are totally different. Here are a few varieties of tea that you can enjoy right at your home.

Fruity teas have been introduced in the market which is a power pack of vitamins and minerals. They are available in various flavors. Some of them are berries, mangoes, and apples which appear to be quite favorite amongst the tea lovers. You can also try the raspberry flavor that goes well with the monsoon season. One can also try Kahwas that comprise a blend of rich spices. These Kashmiri Kahwas have woody flavors and are good for weight loss as well as anti-aging purposes. Rosehip oil, used in skincare products, has some added benefits too. Initially, it tastes sweet but later gives a tart flavor. It is known for lowering inflammation in the body and boosts the immunity as it is full of Vitamin C.

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