Bhanumathi Ramakrishna: A Great Convergence of Two Different Souls

Jul 05, 2020 07:15 AM
bhanumathi ramakrishna movie review
  • Duration : 1 hr 32m 42sec
  • Release date : July 3rd, 2020
  • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romantic
  • Star Cast Director : Naveen Chandra, Salony Luthra, Raja Chembolu, Harsha Chemudu
  • Director : Srikanth Nagothi
  • Produced by : Yashwant Mulukutla
  • Music Director : Shravan Bharadwaj
  • Cinematographer Director :K. M. Bhaskaran
  • Editor Director :Sai Prakash Ummadisingu

Voila! It’s a humongous success


30 year old Bhanumathi is an independent thinking and modern working woman in an MNC. She has a five-year-old long-distance relationship with Ram (Raja Chembolu). But Ram calls it quits one fine day and breaks up with Bhanumathi. Because, he feels that Bhanu is too complex for him to handle and prefers another simple, submissive, and caring girl.

So, the disappointed Bhanumathi starts fighting an internal battle with the breakup depression. In this process, Ramakrishna from a small town like Tenali who is also in his 30s joins her company. He will be handed over to Bhanumathi in a project to assist her as a subordinate.

Ramakrishna is a very mediocre guy with basic ambitions of settling down in life with a simple job and a caring wife. But sister’s inter-caste marriage and his age makes it difficult to find even that easy match for him. In this process, Ramakrishna starts admiring his boss Bhanumathi while working with her. Gradually, Bhanu also finds RK’s mediocre personality interesting and starts enjoying his company.

How Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna’s relation will end up is the rest of the story.

Actors Performances

Salony Luthra played the role of Bhanumathi very naturally without the routine cinematic expressions. This helps the viewers to connect with her journey in the movie more convincingly. It can be said that she behaved her character brilliantly instead of portraying it. Naveen Chandra as a simple looking guy from a small town also nailed his character perfectly. He became successful in bringing out the natural innocence of a small-town guy through his body language and dressing. Hence, both should be credited for keeping the audience engaged with their performances. Above all, Viva Harsha has got a refreshing role in the movie as Bunty. His comic role as a flat mate of RK is very well weaved into the script by the director. And Harsha’s performance certainly entertains the audience more than anyone else’s. Raja Chembolu as Ram with a couple of scenes did a good job in those brief appearances.

Technical Aspects

Srikanth Nagothi’s preferred a straight narration without any dramatic twists and turns. If it was a theatrical release, the director could have easily elevated it to the bigger screen as well. Apart from the 1 Hr 32 Min length of the movie, the script also has all the ingredients to attract the big screen or multiplex audience as well. Sai Prakash Ummadisingu’s cinematography and Shravan Bharadwaj’s music complimented each other in bringing out the director’s vision and emotions. Being a director himself, Ravikanth Perepu as the editor cut out the movie for a perfect OTT watch.

Final Verdict

Bhanumathi Ramakrishna is a clean, sensible, dignified and a decent film to watch even with the entire Family on OTT.

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