Barrage of Foul Language from Vijay Sai and Lokesh

May 26, 2020 02:53 PM

Gold Andhra condemns verbal abuse or unparliamentary language from Vijay Sai Reddy of YSRCP, and TDP Minister Lokesh. Unfortunately, there had been a never-ending attack and vituperation from both sides. The attacks are personal and sometimes cross the limits. For instance, Vijay Sai Reddy stated that Chandrababu Naidu is suffering from Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and his incessant tweets humiliating Nara Lokesh ridiculing him by calling Pappu.

YSRCP followers are furious that Lokesh never gives respect to the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Lokesh calls the CM factionist because of the Rayalseema connection. Indeed a bitter truth, but it is rather confusing as to what extent YSRCP supporters want their godfather to be respected. The fans need more than respect. Perhaps infinite reverence and hero-worship may satisfy them and their narcissist leader. Also, Gold Andhra condemns Lokesh calling the Chief Minister bonehead. Unfortunately, civility and proper discourse is compromised; ad hominem is the new norm. Constructive criticism of ideas has given way to personal attacks and the followers are enjoying volleys of diatribes.

So far no one seems to be taking the moral high ground. But one thing is quite clear that YSRCP has given a new activity to Vijay Sai Reddy. Apart from handling the finances of Chief Minister he is given a part-time duty to attack YSRCP opposition. Perhaps Vijay Sai the Chartered Account is only a mouthpiece and the real culprit is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

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