Bandla Ganesh Reveals his Living God eluded him during Corona!

Jul 09, 2020 08:37 AM

Probably, no one in TFI can be as rhetoric as Bandla Ganesh as a producer. The small-time actor who turned into a blockbuster producer with ‘Gabbar Singh’ is recently infected with Coronavirus. This news shook not only his fans but also many in Tollywood. Few might even have celebrated but we are not going into such controversies. In a recent interview, Bandla shared his Corona experiences.

Explaining how he was infected with Corona, the producer stated that he had no clue. ‘I did my Corona test too when my hair transplantation doctor advised me to do so. On the second day when I was in a hospital attending an accident case of my friend’s son, I got the dreadful report on my mobile. I was frightened seeing the positive report for COVID 19. Then immediately I left the place driving towards my home.’ explained Ganesh.

‘It was the biggest jolt in my life. Till then I was in a mindset that the invisible virus couldn’t infect me. But it happened. So, I went to my residence waveringly to explain this shocking situation to my family. But somehow, I managed. Straight away got isolated myself and took the treatment.’ Bandla said about his horrific situation.

Bandla also shared Tollywood celebs response during his fight with Corona. He revealed that Chiranjeevi gave him moral strength by speaking for 10 minutes. ‘Even Mohan Babu called me to lift my spirits. My friends like actor Srikanth, Raja Ravindra including director VV Vinayak and SrinuVaitla kept calling me regularly during those turbulent times. A director like Maruthi with whom I didn’t have any connection also expressed concern on Me.’ shared the producer.

When asked about PawanKalyan, Bandla Ganesh clarified that his god was not there for him during the crisis. At the same time, he chose to be very diplomatic in his response over commenting on PK. ‘Probably he didn’t know about my condition. Don’t need to poke deep into this. I feel calm at least with my consciousness if I believe that he didn’t know.’ expressed Bandla.

This explains the whole thing about the relationship between Bandla and PK. ‘Gabbar Singh’ might have helped the producer to clear his debts of ‘Teenmaar’, but at the same time, it also resurrected PK’s sinking stardom. Definitely, no almighty is coming to the rescue of our human beings during the pathetic pandemic situation.

But, many empathize with Bandla for not getting a call from his so-called living god during the crisis. So, it is evident that Gabbar has no place in his heart for the producer. Simultaneously, the poultry entrepreneur also made it clear that he won’t be going over the board in praising someone from now on. ‘If I did it in the past, it was only to market my movie.’ stated Bandla Ganesh.

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