Bala Krishna opens up on TFI Meetings Controversy and Naga Babu Comments

Jun 03, 2020 07:17 AM

Balakrishna’s comments on TFI discussions with the Government to resume cinema shootings have become sensational. The Nandamuri hero responded coolly on the issue while speaking to the media after he paid tributes to his legendary father NTR on his birth anniversary. But in a leaked video, Balaiah Babu looked furious over not inviting him to these meetings and expressed that the talks were nothing but real estate dealings.

In an interview with a Telugu YouTube channel, Balaiah opened up about everything right from his father, politics, cinema, and also on the current ongoing controversy in TFI. Balaiah agreed that he is not seen proactively involved in Tollywood issues as he doesn’t want to lose the sensitivity in him as an actor involving in every problem. The Simha star also stated that he also doesn’t want to waste time in indulging in the issues which don’t get to a logical conclusion.

Supporting his statement, Balaiah quoted the MAA building issue and Chiru’s America tour for raising funds for the building. The outspoken actor reminded that he was also not invited to the fundraising event in America. Having said that, Balakrishna ridiculed the outcome of the America event by saying that only 1 Cr fund was collected as against the target of 5 Cr. He opined that constructing a building for MAA shouldn’t be such a big issue as they can easily build it with the support of the Government or by raising funds from the stars in Tollywood.

When asked whether he was kept away from TFI meetings due to political issues, Balakrishna clearly stated that it could have been communicated to him if it was the reason. Balaiah Babu expressed that politics have nothing to do with the present issue. As an example, he quoted how CM KCR who used to criticize Nama joined him later in the TRS party. Further, Balaiah clarified that CM KCR as a fan of NTR shows a fatherly affection on him.

Finally, Balakrishna refused to respond to Naga Babu’s comments. ‘Almost the entire industry is supporting me in the issue and there is no need to respond to him from my side. Chee… Chee… I won’t respond to him’ clarified Balaiah. Simultaneously, the Nandamuri hero preferred to be quizzically silent on his famous rant of ‘TFI real estate dealings with the Minister’.

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