Artificial Intelligence to Answer COVID-19 Related Queries

Jun 07, 2020 10:22 AM

Times are chaotic and interesting. On one hand, there is a relentless effort in finding a cure for the Novel Coronavirus and on the other hand AI, IMBM Watson is available to answer important questions regarding Covid-19. This Chatbox can reply to queries in Telugu, English, and Hindi. The virtual AI is available on the web browser and it ensures the privacy of the user.

According to the National Health Mission and Commissioner of Health Bhaskar Katamneni these efforts are indeed remarkable and certainly hold a great future. It will provide all the relevant information about the virus. He also praised the IBM team for coming up with this amazing innovation in such a short time and also bringing it in Telugu.

The aim to bring in this futuristic technology was to ensure a reduction in time when making a call to get service on Coronavirus. The chatbots and virtual agent are quite helpful.

General Manager, IBM India/South Asia Sandip Patel said, "In these unprecedented times, access to accurate information plays a critical role in allaying fears, dispelling myths and building trust among citizens.”

Hence AI would be helpful is removing myth and half-baked information about the disease and spread awareness.

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