Appropriation Bill Stalled

Jun 20, 2020 03:08 PM

Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council adjourned sine dine without passing most critical appropriation bill this session. CM Jagan's Govt has lost its plot totally. It has embarrassed itself- and the State in front of entire country.

Instead of all the excitement that is shown to punch and physically abuse opposition, CM Jagan should have reached out to opposition to break the stalemate regarding which bill to take up for passing, whether appropriation bill or 3 Capitals bill. Traditionally after appropriation bill the house adjourns, so Govt was keen to pass 3 Capitals bill first while TDP which is against shifting of capital wanted to pass appropriation bill and adjourn the house.

TDP has majority in legislative council. Maybe that is the reason why CM Jagan Mohan Reddy passed a bill 4 months back to abolish legislative council altogether and that bill is pending with Parliament of India. Remember that it was Jagan Mohan Reddy’s father YS Rajshekar Reddy who has introduced Legislative Council to AP assembly when he was CM to make his cronies MLCs. Yesterday’s events show unwillingness of a leader to work along with opposition in democracy. But as the council is still active and working, one has to make amends to make sure smooth functioning of the house. This is minimum responsibility of the Leader of the Government. But It is now proved that those who have taken the path of ‘faction thinking’ and false arrogance would never think that way.

There is a reason why opposition exists in democracy and the Government should be able to work along with them, take them along as they also represent the people of the nation. A simple reaching out to opposition and working on give and take would have solved this issue.

As of now there is no immediate threat to Government spending or funds. Fourteen days from 17th June, Government would be able to draw money from its accounts even as the bill is not passed. But the message it sent to country is quite negative about its functioning and its leader CM Jagan Mohan Reddy.