Andhra Pradesh Increase Fuel Prices

Jul 21, 2020 01:29 PM

Any increase in fuel price is a common man nightmare. It is a dominos effect that impacts the market and simultaneously increases the prices of commodities. But YSRCP and Jagan are indifferent towards the common man. They are eager to change the capital and jeopardize the life of farmers and burden a common man by increasing fuel charges. The price hike is due to the Value Added Tax (VAT).

YSRCP under Jagan had increased the petrol prices by Rs1.24 per litre and Rs 0.93 on diesel. The hike had come at a critical time when the entire state is reeling under the pandemic. People have lost their jobs and businesses are down. Instead of helping the reeling economy, the state government decides to increase the taxes.

The reason for the increase in VAT is rather preposterous. As per the Revenue chief secretary Rajat Bhargav, the hike in VAT is because of the decrease in the revenue due to COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown. But the state government had increased the liquor taxes by 75%; one would wonder where the money is going. Of course increase in taxes on luxury items like alcohol makes sense, but fuel and food is a necessity. It would burden a common man to make ends meet.

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