AK Entertainments to give the Nostalgic ‘SHADOW’ a Visual Form!

Jul 01, 2020 01:31 PM

If Ian Fleming created the British fictional secret service agent in ‘James Bond’, Mr. Madhu Babu’s ‘Shadow’ equally impacted the Telugu readers for decades. The writer has written many detective novels based on his fictional heroic character in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, almost every bookstall and stand used to have this novel series.

‘AK Entertainments’ is a prominent production house in Tollywood and is making an entry on the OTT platform with a web series based on ‘Shadow’ novels. The makers announced the news officially today with the tweet ‘We are very happy to announce our foray into the OTT Platform with Shadow Series. We are excited to take forward the legacy of the biggest hero of our Telugu novels ‘Shadow’ into visual form.’

Furthermore, the production house thanked the genius writer for giving his approval to make ‘Shadow’ novels into a web series on OTT. At the same time, the makers also assured that they designed ‘Shadow’ to match the quality and writing of any international series.

Producer Anil Sunkara expressed that the 20th century’s attitude of detective ‘Shadow’ will be experienced with the same magnitude in the 21st century as well. And he thanked writer Madhu Babu for trusting them to give a visual format for the India’s biggest novel franchise.

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