Acharya crew in search of new actress!!

May 03, 2020 02:06 PM
Actor Chiranjeevi and actress Kajal Agarwal in the image

Covid-19, the pandemic outbreak has been affecting many sectors, the film industry is not immune to it.

This pandemic has even lead to shutting down of theatre and pack-up to all shootings schedules long go, and are not sure when they are going to listen to words like roll- camera, start-action, cut again. As they are not sure when they are going to revive, many plans are getting cancelled or being inactive.

Chiranjeevi's film Acharya is also moving in the same direction. As we already know that Trisha was to chosen to pair up with Chiranjeevi first. But she walked out of the project due to some differences.

Later, Kajal was dolled up for the role. But, unfortunately Chiranjeevi is left with great shock as Kajal walks out of the film. The sources say that reason behind this is her commitment to a Tamil film.

If once shootings are permitted, there is a chance that all films go on floors at a time and there will be a clash of dates and schedules will be bottlenecked for many stars.

Though the information is yet to be confirmed, reliable sources say that she walked out of the project. So, let's wait and see who is going to be the next heroine.

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