A Mockery During Pandemic

May 05, 2020 07:09 AM

The pandemic is quickly turning out to be a duel between political rivals to settle scores and gain a few brownie points. Pictures in circulation all over the social media stand as an example of leaders and local MLA’s pointing fingers at each other rather than finding remedies or thinking about the economic repercussions. It is indeed an insult to sensibilities when snide remarks and impertinence- take over viable remedies. Hence blame game starts by accusing an adversary. In this age of fake news and propaganda, no one can say that the Pamphlet belongs to a particular political party. It could be propaganda against the political rival.

The scariest part is when there are blind believers who take every word of the leader seriously. For instance, the chief minister of AP stated that Paracetamol is a cure for coronavirus. Not even faith healers could summon up the courage to make such a brazen statement. It is quite unfortunate when politicians become Doctors and start spreading misleading information. People take them seriously at times and mitigate the situation. Recommending Paracetamol as a cure was akin to prescribing Ashwagandha and Zinda tilismath for Cancer treatment.

In March the opposition party was targeting Andhra Chief Minister for his careless remarks and irresponsible behavior. The Telangana CM understood the gravity of the situation and closed theatres and shops. The Chief Minister of Andhra believed that there is nothing to panic. No Doctor and health care professional ever showed such confidence in Paracetamol like the Andhra Chief Minister. Reminds me of an Urdu proverb – “Neem Hakeem Khatra-e-Jaan” – meaning, “half-doctor is a danger to your life.”

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